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OmmWriter Review

I wonder why this feels a really nice piece of software. It is easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin. 

OmmWriter works efficiently to allow the creativeness of the writer to flow from their fingers. Although it is still in beta and only available for the Mac the interface and background music make a really enjoyable writing experience. 

As I play with the few settings, different font styles and size. The writer gives me a really nice italic font which makes the written word even nicer to enjoy on the screen. 

With different options for the sounds from the background music to the key press a nice tranquil and relaxing environment is established. This is of course if you select the correct music, I found changing the background music had a dire effect on my brain activity. (Some would say what brain activity). 

The only major drawback I can see at the moment is that it is only available on the Mac. I would really like to use this on my netbook, especially when travelling. 

The OmmWriter has no frills no red lines for spelling mistakes and a simple save facility, you can’t even create the text into a web page. It just gives an environment to allow you to write. 

Here is what OmmWriter say about spell checking. 

“Ommwriter does not offer an in-built spell-checker. However, we have been told that you can enable the spell-checking feature of your Mac to work together with Ommwriter. How? Right click on the text box, choose “Spelling and Grammar >> Check Spelling While you Type”. This will underline misspelled words, using your system settings language” 

I personally prefer to type and then ask the system to spell check the document. Well at reasonably frequent intervals. Being on the Mac though you have the full spell checking options. 

After you have written the content it is easy to open in a text editor for inclusion into any other editing software or blogging tool. 

In review an excellent piece of software, simple, easy and a pleasure to use. I am sure the people at OmmWriter would agree. 


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