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Full Frontal ……

As my role has changed so have the conferences and technologies I need to attend and use. This year I have landed at the Full Frontal Conference in Brighton.

What geeks do when the speakers aren't talking

For those who haven’t heard of it, it is a 1 day conference about JavaScript organised by Remy Sharp and in its third year. OH and it’s not at the Brighton Dome.

This years date was the 11th November and seeing it started at 9 I came down the night before. This could have been a bit dull, but the local JavaScript user group had invited any attendees to there bi monthly meeting. Async was fun and I even managed to get a 5 minute presentation slot to get some excellent feed back on my latest project. Then strangely we went to the pub.

The group of people around are not the usual group I am used to, where at flash and Adobe conferences I know a lot of the attendees here I knew only a few. This was not a problem, the whole group are friendly chatty and really pleasant to be around, so a night of geeky and techie talk took place and I managed to bump into a few old friends.

But now onto the conference. Well the venue, yep excellent, it’s a theatre nice comfortable seats, free coffee (total win), and registration was a breeze. It’s not a huge conference but a couple of hundred people is not a small one either and it was full…. no empty seats. excellent job Remy and the team.


The speakers well it started with coffeescript…. by Jeremy Ashkenas who basically wrote coffeescript his presentation was not only well prepared but also extremely well presented, including getting down and dirty with the code.

Phil Hawksworth is the next up talking about Excessive Enhancement. The talk was excellent and again a lot of preparation was taken and executed with fun and professionalism.

You may notice I am not filling in details of the talks, well that’s what the conference is for.

Onto speaker three… yea … keeping my attention 🙂

Marijn Haverbeke talking on Respectable coding in the browser. Not something of which I am a big fan.. I prefer to be able to work offline, but it’s still really interesting to see the advancements and techniques for this method.

And we moved onto Rik Arends who gave a talk on the Cloud9 IDE. What a really great concept and worth a closer look. Presented with knowledge and interest.


Lunch over we’re back in the venue and starting the afternoon session with Nicholas Zakas speaking on Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture… Oh I am so interested in this…. after coding the last project.

And now for Glenn Jones on Beyond the page…. @glennjones And the first setup slow down.. oh it’s not a Mac …. but what an excellent talk.

It’s time for Brendan Dawse and Beyond the Planet of the Geek…. Awesome. I have only tried for three years to get to see this guy speak and I wasn’t disappointed.

And finally Marcin Wichary You gotta do what you gotta do Google and yet more Google…. cool and geeky then it’s off to the party. whoop whoop, lots of geeky chat and networking.

The final thoughts, well if you can make it to Brighton next year and your interest is in the web and JavaScript this is an excellent conference for you to attend. It’s well organised, prepared and executed with interesting, relevant and up to date content.

Good job by all those involved.


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