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Time to change

I have used Adobe flex for quite a few years now, and one feature I liked was it worked. Sometimes not as well as I had hoped but it still worked.

It was also a supported commercial product which made it an easy sell to my employers and customers. But now they have turned it into open source which I am not surprised at, it means for me they have scraped flex. I had the feeling that something was brewing at Adobe for the last 6 months, but I had no idea they would basically turn a product which is used by 100o’s of companies to develop their business critical applications into an open source, unsupported product.

This is serious for lots of reasons, it now makes flex an unusable platform for development unless you are allowed to use open source platforms.. There are so many companies who aren’t. It means that these companies now have two options, change their policy (NOT LIKELY) or re-develop their applications in a different technology.

A different technology, well I don’t know of one. Guess thats not just me Flex filled a whole between developing for Web and Desktop simultaneously, it provided a platform for Rich Application Development which wasn’t and still isn’t available elsewhere. There are other technologies for developing desktop apps, and web apps, and mobile apps, but not one which caters for all three and handles the different OS’s.

So Adobe your decision on this is not something I understand. I am and have been involved in the Adobe community for a while, I am currently the UGM for the Sheffield group. I attend Adobe conferences and have been part of the team organising Flash Camps in the UK.

Well, I cannot say this will continue, I used Flex, I am not a designer, nor do I write games. I write business applications some specialised and Flex was my preferred platform, but as an open source platform I can’t use it. I now have to develop a HTML application (go back 10 years) and a separate desktop version(go back 5 years) and a separate mobile version.. Well that will increase development time and cost all round.

OH and wonderful that you bought the company behind PhoneGap, but guess you didn’t want PhoneGap as that is now open sourced to the Apache foundation. Yet another product which has become a very difficult sell to my clients.

I have been fortunate in that each project I work on we look at the technology and the current project has been developed in Appcelerator Titanium and just released to the app store. It was the right technology for the project. I won’t say what the customer has said about the Adobe announcements but lets just say it involved a lot of thank the £$%^$££@%^* we didn’t use Flex for this.

I have had the pleasure of working with some excellent people at Adobe and I am sorry that some of those have been the victim of the recent Job losses, it is never a happy time when so many people loose their jobs in one go, and I wish them all well for the future.

A final note… Adobe this is not good, it is not good for the community and businesses who have put their future into a proprietary platform which is now dead. The future will have to go on in another direction.



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