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Atom Up & Running

Atom Up & Running is the first in a series of Nano Guides from 7dayTEK, it is an introduction to the Atom editor from Github for use on MacOS. It covers the basics of installation, usage, themes, packages and updating.


It is aimed at the Atom newbie!


It is available as an ebook on all Amazon stores by searching for ‘The Atom Editor’ or following this link to


The Author Trevor Ward has over 25 years in the IT industry, he has been fortunate to use a multitude of technologies, and is first and foremost a developer, currently building enterprise mobile applications using the Appcelerator Toolset and node, with knowledge and experience of development methodologies, techniques and team management.

His development path commenced with Cobol for nine years on a variety of platforms, before going into Web development using Perl, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Oracle and mySql for twelve years. Six years ago the opportunity arose for him to progress into mobile development using the Appcelerator Toolset.

Working within the mobile arena, has enabled him to contribute to the development community with two books, personal websites and many speaker slots at user groups and conferences.


A Nano Guide is:

An eBook, which explains a specific area of a subject.


Nano Guides are small, 20 – 30 pages long, detailed, economical and convenient. You may already have knowledge of a specific subject like JavaScript, but have a lack of knowledge in one area i.e. closure’s.  A Nano Guide will cover just that one area, saving having to buy a full manual or trawl the Internet for a series of blog posts.


Nano guides are published on Amazon as kindle eBook’s.


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