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I have been developing software for over 20 years, initially using Cobol before going into web development in the late 90’s using Perl, HTML, JavaScript and Oracle. In 2007 I started to use Ruby on Rails and Adobe Flex, before moving into mobile application development in early 2011, using the Appcelerator Titanium framework exclusively.

I am a Senior Software Developer, who has extensive knowledge and experience of developing applications and running development teams.

Appcelerator Qualifications:   TCE , TCAD,  Titan (Community expert).



I currently have two open source projects released through Softly Wired, which provide useful tools for other developers.


This project shows how to create a location based augmented reality application using the Titanium framework.

Platforms: IOS, Android – Start: Mar 2012 release May 2012


This project shows how to build a Titanium application using commonJS and a custom menu.

Platforms: IOS, Android, Mobile Web – Start:  Jun 2012 release Jun 2012



I regularly post articles to my website regarding conferences and development tutorials. In addition to this I have two books in the pipeline and produce articles for other publications.

Appcelerator Titanium: Patterns and Best Practices

This book is due out in January 2013, and I am co-authoring it with Boydlee Pollentine.

 Augmented Reality: Using Appcelerator Titanium

Titanium Mobile has quickly become the platform of choice for many mobile developers and is growing and changing at a rapid rate. From the implementation of CommonJS, Cloud Services, MVC design patterns and more, the last year in Titanium development has been a roller coaster of change for the better. Augmented Reality is a hot area for mobile applications and this book along with the augmentedTi open source application will give a great start to all augmented applications.

This book will show you how to build an Augmented Reality application, which is clean, efficient and usable. It shows how to hide the processing from the user and build a display which updates and rotates smoothly.

Mobile devices have got more powerful, but they still have limitations. Augmented Reality applications test these devices to breaking point and without the correct coding techniques make the applications unresponsive and cumbersome.

This book gives a solution, which will enable you to build an effective application, and is accompanied by a complete working application and source code. It’s essential for anybody who is creating a multiple points of interest augmented reality application. It shows how to build this type of application efficiently and takes into consideration the devices limitations and processing capabilities.

It can be purchased from Packt Publishing and Amazon.


I exclusively use the Appcelerator Titanium framework for developing mobile iPhone, iPad and Android applications. I am TCAD qualified, a community Titan and regularly give talks to user groups on Titanium.

More information about Appcelerator and Titanium can be found on their website,


I didn’t originally develop this application, but have made some extensive upgrades and performance enhancements for this iPhone and Android application, working for a design agency in Ireland.

Platforms: iPad – Start: Jun 2012 release Jun 2012 (ongoing)

dbAccess Asia

This application was for the Deutsche Bank, I was contacted by the design agency towards the end of the project after the initial developer became unavailable. My role was to get the application finished within a very tight deadline.

Platforms: IOS, Android – Start: May 2012 release May 2012


I was the sole mobile developer on this iPad project, working through a design agency based in London.

Platforms: iPad – Start: Feb 2012 release Mar 2012 (ongoing)

3M Aura

This application was originally written by a design agency in Basingstoke. I undertook a major re-architecture of the application along with enhancements and upgrades.

Platforms: IOS, Android – Start: Jan 2012 release Feb 2012


I worked on this project from February 2011 until January 2012 as the sole mobile developer. My role encompassed the original prototype through to the initial release of the application.

Platforms: IOS – Start: Feb 2011 release Nov 2011



With over 20 years in the IT industry I have been fortunate in being able to use a multitude of technologies. However I am first and foremost a developer, currently exclusively developing enterprise mobile applications using Titanium, with extensive knowledge and experience of development methodologies, techniques and team management.


Some of the technologies I have used are, Cobol, Unix, Linux, Apace, C, Shell, Perl, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, ActionScript, Adobe Flex, Titanium and a few others along the way.  Being able to apply a good grounding in development has meant that utilizing the correct tool for the job, has been a major factor in my career.